Chatting with Orlando rock band Kings County

Rob Dexter, Joe Lopez, and Steve Bell of Kings County

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor and Chyrisse Tabone, Editor

Interview: Kings County and Tommy Costanza, Video Producer

Anita Stewart and Rob Dexter of Kings County

Chyrisse and I headed over to Orlando on yet another adventure to check out Kings County and the making of their latest music video. We arrived at the Soundstage Recording Studio on Vineland Road and were promptly ushered in by Robert Dexter (singer and bass player) and taken into the large staging area where the recording crew and makeup artist were at work.

Steve Bell and Joe Lopez of Kings County

Sarah Malfara, a local actress was illuminated by spotlights on the stage; she was tied up with rows of large cellophane-like tape. Her makeup was being adjusted and the crew were using props like smoke and various lights while some were adjusting the cameras and she was moving in and out of poses.

As the crew set up, it gave Chyrisse and I plenty of time to ask the band members our questions about the creation of the video, the artistic concept, the music scene today, some of the artists that have inspired them, where they see the music scene going in the future with all of the most recent changes over this past year and so much more. Be sure to watch and share the video, an exclusive from us at Rock at Night! And click the button below to hear a very  informative interview with the band, Kings County.

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The Making of the Video ‘My Addiction’

About Kings County

Kings County is Rob Dexter (Vocals, Bass), Steve Bell (Guitars, Vocals), Joe Lopez (Drums) and Bill Kania (Guitars, Vocals).

A staple in Central-Florida, Kings County at one time performed as the house band at Disney World’s Pleasure Island.  The band, whose core members formed in New York in the 1990s,  garnered career traction after winning iHeart Radio’s Battle of the Band contest in 2018, earning the coveted prize of opening for Bon Jovi’s This House Is Not For Sale Tour in Orlando.  The band has performed with the likes of  Ted Nugent, Styx, Hootie and the Blowfish, Joan Jett, Cowboy Mouth, 38 Special, Duran Duran, The B 52’s, Fuel, and Foreigner.







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