Chatting with LA band Left of Slash

Left of Slash. Photo by @markmaryanovich

By Tampa Earl Burton, Rock At Night Tampa

Interview with Stephen Nemeroff of Left of Slash

In this edition of the Rock at Night Podcast, “Tampa Earl” Burton had the chance to catch up with Stephen Nemeroff, the vocalist and guitarist for L. A. rockers Left of the Slash. For fans of grunge and alternative rock, Left of the Slash has come up with a new album WON that is in stores now. In a wide ranging discussion, Stephen and “Tampa Earl” talk about the importance of being able to play live gigs and how tough it is to break through in the music business. We’ll also hear tracks from the new CD and hear Stephen’s thoughts on the music.For new rock, this is a band you should be checking out – they’re Left of the Slash!”

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