Chatting with Fergal Lawler of The Cranberries

The Cranberries: Mike and Noel Hogan, Fergal Lawler.

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Interview with Fergal Lawler of The Cranberries

Fergal Lawler of the Cranberries. Photo by Jose Oliveira (2016)

Rock at Night got to sit down and chat with Fergal Lawler, the drummer for The Cranberries and what a great conversation it was! The Cranberries were an award-winning international band; they received accolades from everywhere and hit huge milestones while they were together. Their anti-war anthem, “Zombie,” a song that is still relevant today is one of the few videos to hit over a billion views on YouTube. Not a typo–YES, one billion!

The band’s retrospective collection of songs will drop tomorrow as of this writing–the vinyl album “Stars: The Best of 1992-2002.” Fergal and I reminisced about the band, Dolores O’ Riordan (the band’s lead singer and songwriter who sadly left us in 2018), the creative process, old and new technology in the music business, the new album and the previous one, released on what would have been Dolores’s fiftieth birthday–“Remembering Dolores.”

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THE CRANBERRIESSTARS: THE BEST OF 1992-2002Release Date: May 27, 2022


Side A




Ode To My Family

I Can’t Be With You

Side B

Ridiculous Thoughts


Free To Decide

When You’re Gone


Side C


Animal Instinct

Just My Imagination

You & Me


Side D

Time Is Ticking Out

This Is The Day

Daffodil Lament

New New York






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