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The Summit

Review: The Summit’s single/video “Blue Skies” – Release date May 31, 2024

Rock At Night has been following Cincinnati band The Summit for a couple of years since we heard their singles “Hit Me Up” and “Set Me Off.” They are known for their mix of classic and southern rock and blues. Last year, we chatted with songwriting team Chris Scott Melfi and Mike Hennel about their experience touring with the likes of ZZ Top and Collective Soul.

Some of The Summit’s songs deal with serious topics like mass shootings and opioid addiction, which has become an epidemic in Ohio and the neighboring state of Kentucky. Their new single “Blue Skies,” which dropped on May 31st, has a similar theme. Hennel, Melfi wrote the song, and Dan Hunt in 2015, but it is still very timely today.

Melfi says, “Unfortunately, I’ve seen many friends and loved one’s battle addiction and I know how unpredictable it can be. One day you feel great and the world is filled with, “Blue Skies”, and the next those, “Blue Skies”, turn black. As Danny and I were collaborating on the lyrics, he was able to bring this concept together so well that we ended up in a stalemate as to whether we call the song, “Blue Skies” or “Black Skies.”

Rock At Night says: The single “Blue Skies” is a melancholy ballad with a retro 50s gospel, and blues feel–think Allman Brothers–who coincidentally have a song entitled “Blue Sky.” The song is completely original–and has a message of hope. The chorus uses the metaphor of rain and sunshine saying, “Blue skies, it finally quit raining, it will be washing my soul, and hiding my pain.”

A welcome touch is the addition of Jena Kraus’ soulful voice as the ballad becomes a duet. You might remember her from the 1995 Blind Melon hit “Mouth Full of Cavities.”  Also, kudos to the sweet lead guitar solo toward the song’s end, the gospel harmonies, and B3 organ accompaniment. 

The Summit is Chris Scott Melfi (vox), Mike Hennel (drums), Michael Walker (bass), Matt Goetz (guitar), Coty Hicks (guitar), Nathan Morgan (guitar), and James Wiley-Benes (keyboard, organ).

The upcoming album Firebirds and Aviators, was produced by Will Turpin (Collective Soul), at Reel 2 Reel, Atlanta, GA.






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