Review: The Ruiners’ album ‘An Emergency Room Date with the Ruiners’

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By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: The Ruiners – An Emergency Room Date with the Ruiners

 Even if you are a devoted fan of quieter moments in pop and rock, there were, and still are those moments when you crave the rush of a hard-hitting garage (punk) rock of any and all varieties – the one from the sixties t the one more up to date. 

If you’ve picked up the music description above, then you just might know what is going on here with the new album by Detroit’s The Ruiners – fast-paced taking no prisoners garage punk of any variety you can imagine – snotty dual vocals, loud dual guitars and incessant rhythm section. 

This six-person strong collective (Nina Friday – Vocals, Rick Ruiner – Vocals, Jungle Josh – Guitar, Ryan “Skeletor” Goldsworthy – Guitar, James Trunko – Drums, Dana “Deadly” Forrester – Bass), has been around for a while, which enabled them to fully hone down their sound that is anywhere from The Cramps to that of two of Detroit’s finest The Stooges and MC5, with a touch of B-52’s for good (loud) measure. 

Easy on the ear, easy to love. 





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AND video snippets of The Ruiners LIVE HERE and HERE

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