Review: Mat Kearney’s self-titled album

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Mat Kearney

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Mat Kearney – Mat Kearney – Release date May 15, 2024

Music coming out of Nashville these days is no way limited to what some might dub as ‘traditional’ country. It has taken all shapes and forms, particularly some truly melodic pop/rock with touches of everything that suits that sound. 

One of the artists going in that direction is Oregon-born Mat Kearney, who is already a multi-platinum singer, songwriter and producer. It seems that Kearney took some sort of a breather, as this self-titled album (he has six albums so far) took a few years to come about. 

The album though is a melodic, full-throttle pop delight, and that pop tag involves not only ‘pure’ pop, but rock, country and soul, very often in a single song, like “Real One.” 

Throughout the 12 tunes here, Kearney shows why he has garnered over 2.5 global streams so far, as his feather-light songwriting and production touch comes up with songs that are both fully radio (stream) fit and have solid (read excellent), substantive songwriting touch. 

Playlist-fit? You can pick any song here for that, or the whole album bundle, makes no difference. 



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