The Most and Least Popular Music Festivals of 2024

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The Most and Least Popular Music Festivals of 2024

  • A new study reveals which US festivals are the nation’s favorite this year, with Levitation ranking first – and beating Coachella 
  • The findings consider Google searches, TikTok video and view counts, and Instagram hashtag counts 
  • Levitation was this year’s mostsearched and talkedabout festival on social media in the ranking  
  • An expert encourages festival goers to embrace the diversity of varied music line-ups this year  

As the summer festival season approaches, music enthusiasts around the world are eager to attend the hottest music festivals. But which ones are truly worth the hype? 

Sound of Music Festival. Photo by Carey Langsner.

A recent study conducted by Kryptocasinos scored the top US festivals out of 100 based on their popularity across Google, Instagram, and TikTok, revealing a unique index score that names America’s favorite festivals of 2024. 

  1.  Levitation

Topping the list of the most popular music festivals in 2024 is Levitation, boasting a stellar score of 91.9 out of 100 

Formerly known as Austin Psych Fest, this psychedelic music festival has garnered a dedicated following for its mind-bending performances and avant-garde lineup. 

With its enchanting ambiance and immersive experience, Levitation captivated the hearts and minds of music enthusiasts the most! 

  1.  Coachella 

Newport Jazz Festival Crowd

Following closely behind is Coachella, with a score of 81.8. Famous for its star-studded lineup and trendy atmosphere, Coachella continues to draw massive crowds and dominate social media feeds every year.  

Its iconic status as a must-attend event for music enthusiasts solidifies its position as the leader in the festival ranking. 

     3. South by Southwest 

Rounding out the top three with an impressive score of 81.1 is South by Southwest (SXSW), taking place in Austin, Texas 

This multi-faceted festival, known for its eclectic blend of music, film, and interactive media, captivates the audience with innovative performances 

Its influence extends far beyond the music realm, making it a cultural phenomenon celebrated by creatives worldwide. 

       4.Big Ears

Hops and Hogs Festival-Orlando

Claiming the fourth spot is Big Ears, with a score of 74.0. This avant-garde music festival, held in Knoxville, Tennessee, is recognized for its diverse lineup of experimental and boundary-pushing artists.  

With its commitment to artistic innovation, cultural experiences and unique atmosphere, Big Ears continues to attract music fans from across the globe. 

  1.  Movement 

Black Deer Festival, Kent, UK – Photo by Paul Clampin.

Rounding out the top five is Movement, boasting a respectable score of 64.1. Held every year in Detroit, Michigan, it is known for its celebration of electronic music and urban culture.  

With a vibrant atmosphere and cutting-edge lineup, Movement remains a favorite of the global electronic music scene. 

Top ten most popular US Festivals in 2024 



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South by Southwest 



Big Ears 






Rolling Loud 



Shaky Knees 









Governors Ball 



However, not all music festivals are met with the same praise. The study also identified several festivals that fall short of expectations and are deemed overrated by festivalgoers. 

Leading the list for leaving attendees feeling underwhelmed and uninspired is the Riot Fest festival, which scored a mere 18.3. Despite its well-known status, this festival failed to live up to its reputation in the past year.  

Following closely behind is the Summerfest festival, with a disappointing score of 18.5, pointing out its struggle to maintain relevance in an increasingly competitive music landscape.  

Similarly, Pitchfork Music Festival came out with a low score of 20.7, suggesting a decline in attendee satisfaction and overall cultural impact.  

Rounding out the bottom five are the Austin City Limits Music Festival and Made in America Festival, with scores of 29.5 and 33.3, respectively, highlighting their struggle to resonate with this year’s festivalgoers expectations.  

Speaking of the findings, Steven Harper, CEO of, said: “From the iconic scene of Coachella to the eclectic energy of South by Southwest, each festival offers its own distinct flavor and atmosphere.  

Whether it’s the avant-garde performances of Big Ears or the beats of Movement, there’s something for every music fan to discover and enjoy. However, amidst the diversity of offerings, one thing remains clear: the power of live music to unite and inspire. 

“Regardless of the festival’s size or genre focus, attendees are drawn to the shared experience of being part of something larger than themselves. It’s this sense of community and connection that ultimately defines the magic of the festival experience.” 

Forest Live Festival – UK

Forest Live Festival – UK

Manchester Psych Fest – UK

Manchester Psych Fest – UK

Totally Tubular Festival

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