Review: Acid Tongue’s ‘Acid on the Dancefloor’

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Acid Tongue-Photo by Bella Petro

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Acid Tongue – Acid On The Dancefloor-Release Date: January 2024

If the name of this band and the song itself lead you towards any form of psych rock, you are surely on the right track. And yes, that dance or dancefloor element surely figure in, as the band combine all their musical interest here, biting psych guitars, garage loud sound and some quite danceable R&B beats added to the mix.

This Seattle band obviously have varied tastes, and they do their best to incorporate them within their music with some quite taste to boot.

Consisting of a core duo—singer/songwriter Guy Keltner & drummer/vocalist Ian Cunningham—the band also includes numerous touring & studio musicians scattered between Paris, New York, London, Mexico City, & Los Angeles, with a rotating roster that seems to grow larger by the day. In 2015, Acid Tongue established their own label, Freakout Records, and in 2017 the band released their debut album, aptly titled ‘Babies’. The album is a soulful, stoney, heartfelt approach to modern psychedelia. Their 2020 sophomore album,Bullies, expanded upon the themes of their debut, cementing the band as the Pacific Northwest’s most unique garage-rock proprietors. For their third studio album, ‘Arboretum,’ the band recruited veterans from the psychedelic rock scene during production, resulting in first-rate collaborations with artists such as Death Valley Girls, Naked Giants, and Canadian singer-songwriter Calvin Love.

This single introduces their upcoming album of the same name, and it promises to be something psych fans will certainly seek out.

Acid Tongue’s fourth full-length, Acid on the Dance Floor, due out April 12th 2024




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