Review: UK band Chew Magna’s self-titled album

Album Review

Chew Magna

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Chew Magna – Chew Magna– Album release date: January 19, 2024

It has now become a habit, or more precisely, a tradition, for a band from Manchester to come up with some great music, even on their debut album (or a single for that matter).

Such a band can play any genre or genres, but guitar-led ones seem to be the preferred choice for upcoming Mancunians, and Chew Magna, who have just released their self-titled debut certainly fit the bill.

Combining everything to modern (and not so modern) psych rock, grunge, post-punk, Krautrock and what not else, this quartet make out a seamless, pleasantly loud concoction that, well, to put it simply, does what it should – it rocks.

With all the rocking elements present in their music, the band still don’t forsake the melody itself, and some nifty harmonies add that extra touch.

Assembled after stepping back from their former musical outfits, guitarist, Simon (Young British Artists), guitarist and vocalist, Laurie (Songs For Walter), drummer, Ben (Young British Artists) and bassist, Joel (Jane Weaver, Frances Lung) have come together at no better time.

An excellent debut, no matter how you look (or listen) to it.








Ljubinko Zivkovic