Review: Toronto band Rise Carmine’s single ‘Sadistic (I Like It Too)’

Single Review

Rise Carmine

By Jess Joy, Rock At Night Toronto

Rise Carmine, New Single “Sadistic (I Like it Too)” Release Date: Jan 16

“You can’t stay home / if no one will take you out I’ll be there” a comforting line that repeats like any great pop song, to the point that it will ring in your head for hours after just one listen. You’ll find this line in the latest single “Sadistic (I Like it Too)” by Toronto based genre-bending band Rise Carmine.

Blending elements of psych, electronica, and rock with indie-pop vocals, Rise Carmine has taken the plethora of influences that make up the Toronto scene and brought us this uniquely dynamic song. Hypnotic drum groove, atmospheric vocals, and fuzzy production guide us through unexpected movements that pace like a mantra.

“Sadistic” is the first single off their upcoming album set to be released this summer. Liam Colbert, the voice behind Rise Carmine says every song on the upcoming album was written with the intent of making ‘danceable rock music.’ But if “Sadistic” is any indication, I wouldn’t expect danceability in the traditional sense of a ‘clap along’ beat, but more of an overwhelming vibe that compels you to move.

Speaking of the song, Colbert says: “To experience life, one must go out and live it… Sadistic (I Like It Too) is an antidote to a certain brand of self-sabotage, one in which we are too paralyzed to enjoy the present out of fear of what those decisions might mean for our future.”

So give it a listen, will this track be your antidote?