Alex Lopez Xpress Brings Solid Blues Chops on New CD Looking for a Change

Alex Lopez

By “Tampa” Earl Burton, Rock At Night Tampa

Review: Alex Lopez’s album Looking for Change – Release date December 2023

Alex Lopez

Alex Lopez is a longtime Florida blues jammer who has been consistently on the road, playing his excellent take on one of the oldest forms of American music there is, the blues. Lopez may not be a new artist – this is his sixth effort with his band, the Xpress – but this latest effort, Looking for a Change, is arguably the best work of his career. Not only are Lopez’s intricate blues/rock labors on prime display, but his backing band of Steve Roberts on bass and Kana Leimbach on drums is extremely tight and powerful in motoring through the ten-track disc.

The tune that caught my attention from Looking for a Change, “Whiskey Covered Woman,” is a classic blues stomper that Lopez and the band infused with a rock feel. Lopez’s solos are an enhancement to the overall song, while both Roberts and Leimbach provide the solid back end that a well-tuned machine needs for success. It was the first release from the CD when it came out in late 2023, but there is more that a blues fan will find in the CD.

The title track is a sultry, smoldering blues jam that delves into pursuing one’s path in life, while “Spanish Blues” continues this traditional blues path before moving into some Latin rhythms, all while allowing the group as a whole to show off their array of talents. Lopez’s guitar work is mesmerizing throughout the disc, and he has some excellent support with both Roberts and Leimbach behind him. It is a demonstration of a three-piece blues band at full power, confident in their talents, strength, and musical abilities.

Whether your tastes go to the blues with the Alex Lopez Xpress or to the newer hard rock trends as epitomized by Liliac, there is constantly great new music out there. Now…go find it!




Tampa Earl