Review: Tal Weaver Band’s single ‘Talking to the Moon’

Single/Video Review

Review: The Tal Weaver Band’s single/video – “Talking to the Moon” – Release date November 18, 2023

Tal Weaver Band is a special “project” band consisting of Bart Walker (lead vocals, lead guitar, dobro, mando), Matt Kirkwold (acoustic guitars, background vocals), Greg Armstrong (piano), Tommy Vee (bass), Bennett Vee (drums) and Eddie Lange (pedal steel). Together, they have recorded their own version of Don Henley’s 1982 single, “Talking to the Moon”, out now.

Armstrong said he decided to produce this track after seeing Don Henley at a private function with about 200 other people in Grapevine, TX., at an invite-only event. “I had never heard this song (off of his first solo album) until then. I was so moved by that performance, that it inspired me to create another version, and perhaps let more people know about this great, albeit a fairly unknown song from Henley’s catalog.”

Armstrong put the musicians together, most who have never met each other, and built it from the piano track on up. He then brought it to Super Producer and Engineer, Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Soundgarden, Tantric) to mix it.

Look for more BAD SHYZ recordings and vocally oriented songs like, “Talking to the Moon” from Greg Armstrong. He also has a lot more coming in 2024 from his label INNOVIBRATIONS.

Rock At Night Says: The Tal Weaver Band take Don Henley’s song “Talking to the Moon” to the next level. The instrumentation is full and captures the whole “Texas feel” by the addition of the steel pedal guitar. Weaver’s voice is soulful and stirs emotion. The video’s animation authentically captures the lyrics, bringing them to life. Honestly, the Tal Weaver Band’s version of the song (whisper)…. is better than the original.



Tal Weaver Band – Talking To The Moon (J.D. Souther/Don Henley)

Bart Walker – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Mando, Dobro

Matt Kirkwold – Vocals, Guitar Eddie Lange – Pedal Steel

Tommy Vee – Bass Bennett Vee – Drums

Greg Armstrong – Piano, Strings,

Producer Chuck Alkazian – Mixing Engineer, Bass, Co-Producer © Innovibrations 2023





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