Review: Sines’ album ‘Gravity’

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By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Sines – Gravity-Release date: September 1, 2023

For some, synth-pop is a maligned category, a remnant of the late seventies and eighties, but for a much larger fan base, one of the best of modern genres, a source of continuous joy.

And frankly, when done properly, synth-pop is one of those truly enjoyable sources of listening, and more often than not (and why not), dancing.

Trans-Atlantic duo Sines, just might hit all the right moves (and grooves) associated with synth-pop as exhibited on their latest album ‘Gravity.’

Sines are producer, composer, synth nut and DJ Jason Wann, who is based in Portland, and singer/songwriter, visual artist and director, Kitty Richardson, who lives in Leeds, in the North of England.

There is a bit of a surprising fact here – Wann and Richardson never met in person, but their music on ‘Gravity’ exhibits all the best traits of good synth-pop immaculate vocals by Richardson that can be likened to those of  St. Etienne’s Sarah Cracknell, and Wann’s excellent (and never overpowering) electronics and beats that fully complement Richardson’s vocals.

As Wann explains, the project was always meant to be female vocal-forward, and after working with Richardson on the single “Something in the Way” (the video for which Richardson also directed), both artists knew the duo was formed. From there, the pair worked over the next two years to put Gravity together from 6,000 miles away.

And, actually, it seems the duo have found a winning combination for their quite modern version of synth-pop.










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