Review: Robin Trower & Sari Schorr’s single ‘Burn’ 

Single Review

Robin Trower & Sari Schorr - Photo by Rob Blackham.

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Music Review: Robin Trower & Sari Schorr – “Burn”

Guitarist Robin Trower has become a rock legend, with a decades-long career that spans his time with Procol Harum, and a distinguished solo career, with his exquisite guitar-playing not only standing out, but being inspiration for quite a number of other rock artists. 

On the latest single ‘Burn,’ Trower works with a gritty Long Island singer Sari Schorr, working on a slow-burning blues number with Trower’s guitar and Schorr’s brilliant vocals shining throughout. 

Schorr herself rose from an unknown background singer performing in the challenging, mob-influenced bars of Long Island to achieving #1 on the Blues charts is a testament to her grit and talent. 

Actually, it was the album ‘Joyful Sky,’ her collaboration with Trower from which this single is culled that could be the key moment in her career. 

Quite possible, this single will help that effort for Schorr, and at the same time, draw again attention to Trower too. 



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