Review: superWAV’s EP ‘aTYPICAL’

EP Review

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: superWAV – aTYPICAL – Release date: October 11, 2023 

Some guitar-driven power-hungry rock here, that begs that the loudness dial is at 11 out of 10 and all windows open, whether it is your house, dorm, or car, makes no difference. 

That is where this Brooklyn-and-Austria-based band that goes under the name of superWAV stand with their latest5-song EP aTYPICAL. 

The band is the project of siblings Anne Wichmann (aka She’s Excited!) and Volker Wichmann who started to create their music back in the 90’s in the psych/stoner band RAWJAW. 

Now, even though living separately in New York, and Insbruck, Austria, Ann and Volker seem to still find it easy to create music even though they live thousands of miles away of each other, and the result is oftentheir combination of psych/stoner/garage rock that doesn’t miss a beat, with guitar and the siblings’ dual vocals at the forefront. No frill, but a lot of thrills, though. 




superWAV is the Alternative Rock project of the siblings Anne Wichmann (aka She’s Excited!) and Volker Wichmann, currently based in New York City, USA and Innsbruck, Austria. Having played in the Psychedelic Stoner Rock band RAWJAW (discography, EPs) together many years ago, they now produce their own version of Indie Rock while being thousands of miles apart.


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