Review: Electro-pop band Paper Tapes’ album ‘Child’

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Paper Tapes

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Paper Tapes – Child – Release date November 10, 2023

Image previewExcellent, electro-tinged pop has become some sort of a staple with musicians coming from France, and Cyril Angleys, a native of French town of Lyon is here to prove that point with his debut album ‘Child.’ 

In many ways, that title is quite fitting, as there is some child-like quality to the 10 song Angleys presents here – it is all crystal clear, often languid melodies, with a production to match, where, the electronics and acoustic instruments he uses here serve the purpose of the songs and not themselves. 

It is all in the imagination, and that is exactly the theme Angleys explores here and truly show that he has an abundance of it. 

“Since I was a kid, I always had a close bound with imagination. I wish that my music can have a kind of « evocation power . For instance, I like to listen to music in trains because I’ve nothing else to do, I just have to let it flow. I’m always looking for this escaping thing, that’s why film scores are so important to me, Angleys tells us and then goes on to prove it on this album. 




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