ROCK AT NIGHT VIDEO PREMIERE: UK band the Speed of Sound’s ‘Zombie Century’


EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE of the Speed of Sound’s “Zombie Century- Worldwide release date–October 13, 2023

Underground music stalwarts The Speed Of Sound release their latest video Zombie Century. John Armstrong (guitars/vocals/songwriter) explains:

“Zombies have moved out of their fictional cultural niche and become increasingly fashionable over the last 20 years. Do people identify with them? Do zombies hold up a mirror to expose the reality of everyday life? Are zombies an aspirational spiritual goal? Is it just easier to carry on without thinking about it?

So far the 21st century seems to be a century of unthinking, or misdirected thinking.

Of clickbait and soundbite driven instant outrage responses and knee-jerk reactions. Where ‘research’ amounts to reading some random words put together by a robot language generator and where deliberately malicious contrarian opinions are held up as fact without supporting evidence and no care how that might align with extreme ideologies. This is a Zombie century, bereft of any intellectual purpose or meaning merely dragging its feet onwards; the governmental inaction, head burying and denial of existential issues facing the planet is another facet of this.

Instead, this vigorous and punchy stomping beat is the opposite of the tired zombie shuffle, instead it is a call to action; to wake up and smell the English Breakfast Tea.“

Zombie Century is taken from the ‘Museum Of Tomorrow’ album: and also included on the new Big Stir Records compilation Stir The Cauldron released on September 29th.


The Speed of Sound’s  “Zombie Century”

John Armstrong – Guitars/Vocals
Ann-Marie Crowley – Guitars/Vocals
Kevin Roache – Bass guitar
John Broadhurst – Drums
Henry Armstrong – Keyboards
Zombie Century
Wake up and smell the English Breakfast Tea in this unthinking zombie century
Wake up and see who you’ve got for company in this unthinking zombie century
There is no cognitive activity in this unthinking zombie century
The leaders are not sentient
In search of brains a constant quest
Staggering close to the brink
Groaning shambling out of sync
Rudderless heading for the rocks
The creature knows not how to stop
Clutching clasping out of the mud
Crawling shambling as they should
Half formed instinct driving on
Shuffling through this mortal coil
Its easily perceptible
As anti-intellectual
A web of deceit to entrap thought
Ignoring experts that can’t be bought
To never reach tranquility
And hate the petit bourgeoise
Their discrete charm does not exist
And zombie culture still persists
©John Armstrong

The Speed of Sound: John Armstrong – Songwriting/Guitars/Vocals, Ann-Marie Crowley – Vocals/Guitars

Kevin Roache – Bass guitar, John Broadhurst – Drums, Henry Armstrong-Keyboards




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