Review: Never2Late’s single ‘Love Is Wise’

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Review: Never2Late’s single “Love Is Wise” – Release date October 25, 2023

There is quite some significance in the moniker Yorkshire UK songwriter and guitarist SteveB took – Never2Late, why?  Probably because Mr.,it seems, thinks that some rock values set late in the sixties and early in the seventies are still quite valid, and he is quite right, judging by his latest single ‘Love Is Wise.’ 

Here he takes that hard-edged rock route to bring in some peace and love lyrics that matter – 

“Bitter old men are sending young men out to die, 

While their children, wives and mothers weep and wave goodbye”

And all that from a guy who is actuallya semi-retired orthopedic surgeon, who only recently picked up his guitar again after putting music on a back burner for many years. More power to returning retirees! 



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