Babymetal hypnotizes Grand Rapids with their blend of Japanese pop-metal

Live Review

Babymetal. Photo by Jacob Dillon.
By Jacob Dillon, Rock At Night Grand Rapids, MI

Live Review: Babymetal at GLC Live 20 At Monroe, Grand Rapids MI, September 20, 2023
Babymetal. Photo by Jacob Dillon.

Japanese pop-metal sensations Babymetal came roaring into Grand Rapids, Michigan, on September 20th with their unique blend of metal and Japanese pop with the force of an unstoppable hurricane. This tour is Babymetal’s first return to the United States since 2019.

Performing to a sold-out show of all ages, the crowd was frothing at the mouth while watching the beautifully choreographed moves of these Kawaii metal idols.

Embarking on a nationwide tour with the mighty Dethklok, these icons stole the show with stunning visuals and hypnotic vocal harmonies. At one point in the band’s spectacular performance, the venue was filled with a thousand phone lights to create the illusion of a sea of stars. BabyMetal performed many favorites such as “Gimme Chocolate,” “PA PA YA,” “Metal BxMxC,” and “Road of Resistance.”

The show was remarkable in its execution, blending beautiful art, dazzling outfits, mind-blowing instrumentals, and vocals that can only be described as angelic. I can’t sing this band’s praises enough. It was akin to living out a continuous anime opening theme song. It was filled with passion, loss, love, and playful cheerfulness. If you have the chance to see these real-life Kawaii idols, then I would do it!! Babymetal is sure to take your breath away.


Jacob Dillon