Taxi Girls Offer Rousing End of Summer Blowout with ‘Coming Up Roses’

EP Review

Taxi Girls

By “Tampa” Earl Burton, Tampa, FL

Review: Taxi Girl’s EP Coming Up Roses-Release date July 7, 2023

Taxi Girls

We may have reached the “dog days” of summer, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some great rock that is coming out. One of the recent efforts that has caught my attention is from a trio of ladies from “North of the Border” called Taxi Girls. They have just released their debut EP, Coming Up Roses, and it is a perfect slice of garage rock goodness that goes down like cold lemonade on a summer’s evening.

The band, consisting of Jamie Radu and Vera on vocals, guitars, and bass (they have songs where they swap responsibilities) and Lynh Poulin on the drums (all three provide backup vocals), have melded the best parts of garage rock with a Nineties sensibility. This is obvious from the opening salvo of Coming Up Roses, “After Effect,” a crunching guitar number that is a perfect leadoff track for the disc, while “Good Grace” delivers a punchy number that is very tightly played with just the right amount of venom. The five-song EP clocks in at a brisk eleven minutes plus, but it is enjoyable, riffy, and replete with what we love about summertime rock.

If you’re looking for deep introspection and quiet mulling, then Taxi Girls aren’t going to be for you. If you’re looking for peppy, hooky, thoroughly enjoyable garage/punk rock, then this should be definitely up your alley. I am personally hoping that Taxi Girls hit the road – or offer us another EP to give them a bigger catalog to tour behind, either one! We, the fans, are the beneficiaries if they do!






Tampa Earl