Review: Dale Sheppard’s single ‘She’s Sowing Time’

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By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Dale Sheppard – “She’s Sowing Time”-Release date June 1, 2023

Tags like alternative and indie cover such a wide ground, often to designate music that picks and chooses elements from practically everywhere.

It also includes music that uses ‘classic’ rock as its base and focuses on the melody (as well as lyrics) as its main focus.

That is exactly where Canadian musician and hybrid rock singer songwriter comes in with his latest single Dale Sheppard comes in with his latest single ‘She’s Sowing Time.’

Here, in collaboration with his wife Kim, an excellent lyricist, Sheppard infuses a great melody with some excellent vocals and guitar on his part with Kim’s lyrics directly inspired by Kim’s journey through cancer.

As he notes, “She’s Sowing Time” is a song I composed from the poem my wife, Kim Sheppard, wrote during her journey with cancer. In the intro to this video, she writes… “It is the collision of terror and hope that are the force behind “She’s sowing time”. It is the terror that drives, but the hope that saves. That, and the love and strength of my husband who took my words and so brilliantly composed the music to create this song.”

To pursue his own musical vision, Dale built his own home studio to record his guitar, bass and synth-driven original music. Dale’s wife, Kim Sheppard, provides lyrics to most of his songs. Dale Sheppard’s unique approach artfully combines Rock, Alternative, 80’s, Synth, Post Punk, Indie Rock, Classic Rock, Pop Rock and Industrial sounds to form a cohesive whole.








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