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Rock At Night Podcast Interview

Tamar Berk

By “Tampa” Earl Burton, Rock At Night

INTERVIEW – Tamar Berk

With her third album in as many years, singer/songwriter Tamar Berk is tapping into some new emotions with her new CD tiny injuries. She started work on the album after the passing of her father and, along the way, began to redefine herself – and sometimes in an unflattering manner. The album was released on August 18th.

“We all go through life having experienced things that affect us and cause problems, whether we know that at the time or not,” she says. “Lots of anxiety and memories we can never rid ourselves of. Some of them are small, and some are bigger but they are injuries that remain with us. And it’s not about ‘poor me.’ Everyone internalizes these injuries, and none of them are ‘tiny.’”

“Tampa” Earl caught up with Tamar before the release of tiny injuries to learn more about the new record and unveil four of the tracks from the new album.”

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