Review: Only Okay’s EP ‘Me’

EP Review

Only Okay - Me

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Only Okay’s EP – ME – Release date June 30, 2023

ONLY OKAY. Photo by Chyrisse.

It has always a question whether rock fans can bring themselves to listen to music from other genres, but most of them will agree that, even if a song or songs are not rock, they’ll take them if they are good for dancing.

And that is exactly where Detroit’s Griffin Shiminski, aka Only OK comes in. Being a prolific songwriter, Me is one of 12 EPs he intends to release in 2023.

On the evidence of Me, and its four tracks (‘Big,’ ‘Know It All,’ ‘Cardinals,’ and the title track), Griffin like his hip-hop, but what he also likes is to set his words to some quite danceable rhythms (fast or slow, you choose), and that is something even a devoted rock fans can appreciate.

One person who definitely does is super-producer/engineer Chuck Alkazian, who worked with the likes of Pop Evil, Soundgarden and Tantric, who also produced Griffin’s EP.

And Griffin and Chuck would very much like to take you to the dance floor.









Ljubinko Zivkovic