Review: Candy White’s single/video ‘Tipsy’

Single/Video Review

Candy White & Tipsy
Candy White & Tipsy

Pop artist Candy White is releasing her heartfelt new single and music video “Tipsy”, in memory of her beloved pet dog. “Tipsy” is a redemptive tribute to her dog and all loved fur babies that have passed, and speaks to the idea that these pets know and feel unconditional love and companionship.

Candy White, originally from Mexico and now living in Dallas, candidly speaks about the pain of Tipsy’s passing and the realization that she went through the process alone. This single is for those pets and for the pet parents to feel they are not alone in their grief.

The accompanying video showcases the love and bond between Candy and Tipsy, and viewers will undoubtedly feel deeply connected to the two as they journey through a series of heartfelt moments. As Candy continues to share her story through her music, it is clear she is devoted to her connection with her fans and creating relatable music that will bring comfort to those that are struggling.

Rock At Night Says: We usually review rock but this song touched our hearts. Candy White pays homage to her little dog Tipsy which crossed the Rainbow Bridge in this sweet and touching pop song that everybody can relate to. The video brought tears to our eyes.  Check out the English version below but she also has one in Spanish.




“Tipsy” is White’s first English-language release, and it is a special one for her. She says, “I have carried this pain for a long time, until I realized that most of us have been told ‘angels have wings.’ Some of us have learned that they have paws.”

“Tipsy” is now available on all streaming platforms.