Review: Industrial synth band Violet Silhouette’s single/video – ‘Strange Wind’

Single/Video Review

Violet Silhouette

By Gabrielle Sanchez, Rock At Night Buffalo

Review: Violet Silhouette’s single/video “Strange Wind” – Release date June 9, 2023

We live in an ever-so-changing world. Things happen to reinvent themselves everyday. When it comes to music, we have revivals of iconic genres with an undertone of the old. There is always a few bands that go into uncharted territory and blow people away. Violet Silhouette does exactly that. There is a history there with such a rich genre yet they are on their way to make their own sonic identity. 

 To continue that journey, Violent Silhouette invites listeners on a melodic journey through the post-wave anthem, “Strange Wind.”.With this new release, this band takes us on a compelling journey back in time while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of contemporary soundscapes. From the beginning, the track alters your mindset. It is the track that you listen to while driving and feel like you are in a movie. Layers of ethereal synths add a touch of melancholy, reminiscent of the introspective themes that defined the original wave of industrial music. Yet, amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope emerges through the infectious hooks, merging seamlessly with the band’s post-wave sensibilities. There is almost more to the song than presented. Our ears are always looking for more and more. The track just keeps pulling the listener in.  

 The band fully embraces the industrial sound, crafting an reflective masterpiece. The haunting vocals intertwine with a dense wall of atmospheric synths, creating an atmosphere of desolation and emotional vulnerability. This track pays tribute to the raw and gritty soundscapes that characterized 80’s industrial music while adding a modern production polish. The band’s ability to balance the dark and introspective nature of the genre with their own distinctive post-wave style demonstrates their mastery of musical fusion. 

 The long intro seems like its their for a reason-not to just showcase the instruments. The group wanted to demonstrate time passing or one waiting for something or someone. The lyrics reveal an internal dialogue due to someone’s action. Or were someone’s actions caused by your very own? We sometimes come out of a situation and think, “did I even know that person?”. They might just become a “ghost” in your life. Were they even real the whole time? We may be over someone but not a situation- or vice versa. Sometimes, we just have to move on with our life and not think about the what-if’s. 










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