Review: Auroara’s single ‘Emergence’

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By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Auroara – “Emergence”-Release date- June 21, 2023 

There is definitely a good reason why Auroara, Canadian Metis (indigenous) singer songwriter decided to release her new single ‘Emergence’ on the summer solstice day. 

There is quite an ongoing spiritual, airy element going through her song, underpinned by violinist Chloe Nakahara but it is Auroara’s light, trip-hop -style melody and her airy vocals that lead the way here. 

Talking about the single, ”Emergence is about allowing yourself to be true to your own story of self, more than the projections from others about who you are. “Emergence is about releasing the story of life or pain that someone else might have taught you or showed you in their behavior and not letting it impact how YOU choose to live.” 

It all fits within the scope of the songs Auroara has presented us with so far covering topics such as human trafficking, addiction, grief, mental health, domestic violence, yet here Auroara brings us a glimpse of hope and optimism along with a good trip-hop ballad. 




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