Psych band The Velveteins release ‘Declarations of the 3am Freeway’

Soaked in the bright psychedelia of the 1960’s and dipped in the indie rock explosion of the new millennium, The Velveteins are best described as a bridge between the two. Inspired after living out of a camper van on the beaches of Australia for a year, frontman Spencer Morphy returned to Canada and started the band with co-songwriter Addison Hiller in 2014. Later joined by Dean Kheroufi, Daniel Sedmak and Cam O’Neill, the fivesome have since made a name for themselves for their incendiary live performances.

Their latest single, “Declarations of the 3am Freeway” is the title-track from their upcoming sophomore album. Built upon moody synths and sizzling warbled guitars, the track envelops the feeling of road-tripping at dusk in the heat of summer, when there’s no one else on the freeway and it’s just you and your thoughts. Narrating driving in a battered motor vehicle on the cusp of a great adventure, Morphy shares, “The lyrics are yearning, and more insightful than our past works. That longing sentiment is relayed perfectly on the title track “It all begins right now / it all begins in the car on the freeway.”

Having moved to Tofino, Canada, a small surf town where Morphy lived for a month and finished the writing, the new single is backdropped by the foggy Pacific Northwest surf allowing the artist to access a diverse palette and find the missing pieces of this song.

Garnering millions of streams for their music to date, The Velveteins have built an ever-growing, dedicated fan base across all corners of the globe. Their vigorous touring schedule has led to international festival appearances (SXSW, and The Great Escape) and opening slots for established acts including Wolf Parade, Hockey Dad and Chad Vangaalen.

Rock At Night Says: An upbeat, synth-driven, dreamy ride.