Sun Room in Tampa: A wild evening of garage and surf rock

Live Room

Sun Room. Photo by Chyrisse.

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Live Review: Sun Room at the Crowbar, Ybor City, Tampa, Florida – May 1, 2023

Sun Room. Photo by Chyrisse.

A couple of months ago, SoCal band Sun Room came under our radar after seeing the video for “Cadillac.” Their look and sound are very 60s garage rock. The four-piece rock band consists of Luke Asgian (lead vocals & guitar), Ashton Minnich (guitar), Max Pinamonti (bass), and Gibby Anderson (drums)–and they are creating quite a buzz. Their singles “Crashed My Bike” and “Something That You’re Missing” were included in the Netflix series Outer Banks. In 2022, they toured Europe and South America. In March and April of this year, they supported the Irish rock band Inhaler (Elijah Hewson, Bono’s son, is in the band). 

Sun Room. Photo by Chyrisse.

Rock At Night was lucky to catch them at Crowbar, Ybor City, Tampa, on their short headline tour of Southeast U.S., which includes an appearance at the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta. We arrived at the venue just as the support band 0 Miles Per Hour finished their set–and they sounded good.

Sun Room. Photo by Chyrisse.

Sun Room delivered their music, mostly songs from their new EP Outta Their Minds, to a hungry, enthusiastic crowd that crowded against the stage and sang with every lyric. There was a lot of dancing and fist-pumping to songs like the garage rock tune “Just Yesterday.” At one point, somebody crawled onto the stage, leaped into the crowd, and was carried overhead. 

Sun Room. Photo by Chyrisse.

Many of the songs had a 60s surf band sound, like “Crash My Bike” and “Sunset Garage,” but others, like “Something That You’re Missing,” are totally 60s garage rock, while others like “Red Dress” border on punk. For this reason, it is hard to pinpoint a definite style, but their music is retro and fun with a summer feeling. 

The rocking “Cadillac” was a crowd favorite, which has a Strokes or Hives vibe. Garage Rock is making a revival again–and we like it. For a fun evening, seek Sun Room out–and bring your good friends.



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