Review: UK band Soft Walls’ album ‘True Love’

Album Review

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Soft Walls – True Love -Release date: May 5, 2023 

Sometimes, for quite a number of artists, a side project turns out to be more durable and/or substantial than those that are in the forefront. 

That is something that is currently happening to British songwriter, guitarist Dan Reeves, who has been a staple on the UK underground scenes, particularly the ones in Brighton and London. Yet it is his solo ‘side project’ under the moniker Soft Walls, that seems to be the one that is most durable, as Reeves is now up to album number four, titled ‘True Love.’ 

While the album title is something that we have encountered before, coming up with some delicate rock pop that crosses borders between jangle rock and shoegaze, that doesn’t rely on well-treaded formulas is not exactly an everyday occurrence. 

While Reeves recorded this album at home, it boasts the sound of a mildly rich studio production, something that probably has more to do with Reeve’s rich melodies and excellent guitar playing. Reeves himself calls it “emotional guitar music. But not Emo.” 

Reeves lyrics at the same time might seem to cover some conventional themes, but he tries his best to escape the everyday and mundane and does a good job of it. Still, it is Reeves’ melodic sense and guitar playing that are the main forces of this album, that definitely shine a favorable light on his Soft Walls project. 










Ljubinko Zivkovic

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