Review: Tanlines’ album ‘The Big Mess’

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By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Tanlines – The Big Mess-Release date:  May 19, 29023

It is so intriguing when an artis or a band tries to make pop/rock that is at the same time really listenable, and tries to make moves in some unexpected directions, using something that could be called usual elements.

In a way, that is the storyline for Tanlines, a duo of Eric Emm and Jesse Cohen, who just released their new album ‘The Big Mess.’ Yet, at the same time the way they reached this point is not exactly the usual one.

The duo debuted back in 2021 with their album ‘Mixed Emotions.’ In the meantime, Emm moved with his family to rural Connecticut, while Cohen remained in Brooklyn to pursue a marketing career and a successful podcast.

Cohen gave Emm his blessing to continue Tanlines, even if his own contributions would be limited due to his own non-musical obligations, and during this period Emm wrote hundreds of songs. Then in early 2022, Emm, Cohen, along with unofficial third Tanline Patrick Ford got together to record a selection of songs for this album.

The results are nothing less than satisfying. That, melodic, pop element shines through, but it is those subtle, seemingly unnoticeable twists and turns within the songs that escape the usual routes taken by pop/rock songwriters that make them stand out and make them so utterly listenable at the same time.

What Tanlines came up with here is one of the more accomplished melodic rock albums of 2023 so far.











Tanlines – The Big Mess – May 29th (

Ljubinko Zivkovic

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