Review: Kick Stand Jenny’s single ‘Tonight’

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Kickstand Jenny

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Music Review:-Kick Stand Jenny – Tonight -Release date: May 16, 2023 

Kickstand Jenny

As the weather gets better, one of the axioms of rock music comes back to light again – loud, fast-paced, guitar-driven music and some nifty vocal harmonies will probably not go away. 

And Kickstand Jenny, a high-energy quartet from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and their new single ‘Tonight,’ culled from their forthcoming album ‘Between The Lines’ (June, 2023) is here to prove it. 

‘Tonight’ has all the hallmarks a good, loud (and brash), but still melody-laden song should have, and the band’s very tight playing just underlines the point. 

Kickstand Jenny are becoming known for their hard work and humble spirits, and have started to cause waves, taking stages with with some of their idols – Slaughter, Living Colour, Sebastian Bach and LIT. 

It all started when band spearhead and guitarist Preston Morelock was working on a demo for a licensing opportunity. In an inspired move, he sent it over to his friend Scott Foster Harris, a former L.A. Guns vocalist. Scott blasted the tracks with his signature style and then Preston enlisted his friends Chris Mcomas (bassist) and AJ Sipos (drummer) to flesh out the songs. 

The single just raises the anticipation for their forthcoming album. 







(5) Kickstand Jenny – Tonight – Official Music Video – YouTube 

Ljubinko Zivkovic