Review: C-Beem’s album ‘Jammin the Steam Towers’

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By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

C-Beem – Jammin’ The Steam Towers Album Review -Release date: May 19, 2023 

 Rock At Night had previously the opportunity to talk to electronic boy extraordinaire Chris Mills, aka C-Beem,  and now we have his latest album  ‘Jammin’ The Steam Towers’ in front of us. 

Mills himself could not be labeled as a musical ‘spring chicken,’ and that experience truly shows here. It seems that in his role as C-Beem, Mills has gathered all the positives he could pick up from all forms of electro-pop, at no point neglecting all the elements that make good electro-pop – great melody, excellent beats, electronic base for the sound that at no point overpowers the song itself, and well, danceability. Mills adds here another element that might not seem essential but does make his music stand out – some substantial lyrics that go beyond mundane. 

Mills himself describes the album as “a chocolate box assortment of music delights, not as conceptually tight as previous albums, but held together somehow by an art-rock, synth-pop vibe. 

And yes, C-Beem’s chocolate box has the necessary wide assortment of (electro) flavors, something anybody can desire from a good chocolate box. Great for the dancefloor, open window car ride, fitness runs… whatever. 










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