Review: Blues artist David A’s album ‘Lit’

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David Alpha

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: David A – Lit-Release Date: April 17, 2023

Quite a few legends that started out with grunge, particularly some that are sadly no longer among us, like Mark Lanegan and Chris Cornell, infused their music with some (or quite a few elements of straight ahead blues, and this combination almost always made their music shine.

That seems to be exactly the line of thinking professed by Tampa Bay rocker David A (formerly David Alpha), who started out by honing his chops with his two former bands The Fons and Dharma Bums.

On his latest album ‘Lit,’ David A, takes exactly that grungy blues route, with some exceedingly good chops and voice quite reminiscent that of Mark Lanegan. It is his first album in eight years and features more high-stature musicians in guitarist/sitarist/co-producer George Harris (Greg Billings Band), drummer Angelo Collura (Lady Antebellum, The Torpedoes) and longtime bassist Robert Wegmann (an accomplished solo artist in his own right), as well as a pair of tracks featuring saxophonist Ronnie Dee (Ronnie Dee and the Allstars).

That sound permeates the album throughout, whether it is the heay opener ‘If I’m So Strange’ or the slowed down saxophone driven ‘Glamour Stain’ or any other track on the album. A heavy blues lovers delight, for sure here.




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