Review: Blueburst’s singles ‘Vanish’ and ‘Supernova’

Double Single Review

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Blueburst – “Vanish/ Supernova” Double Single Review–Release date April 7, 2023

There is this guitar sound that connects generations of artists from the mid sixties and The Beatles single ‘Paperback Writer’ to this day, that, if done the way it should be, never fails to excite any fans of music. And it makes no difference if the artist and/or the band are veterans or just started out recently.

That is exactly the exciting sound Blueburst founder Craig Douglas Miller creates on his latest double single “Vanish” (coupled with “Supernova”), which he couples with a bursting melody on “Vanish” which makes the song even more exciting for all the fans of psych rock and powerpop. For its part, “Supernova” is no less intriguing and exciting, this time the melody takes the forefront, with the guitar sound not lagging far behind either.

Yet, Miller cannot be qualified either as a music veteran or simply just as a novice. He is now in his fifties, starting out in music back in the nineties with a band called The Reach. There was interest from major labels, but it never panned out, and Miller entered a 20+ years of musical hibernation, partly due to an ongoing bout with depression.

Yet at some point recently, Miller connected with The Church legendary guitarist Marty Wilson-Piper, who became Miller’s mentor and collaborator.

The result is this exciting double single, that announces Blueburst’s upcoming debut album, something to certainly look forward to.












Ljubinko Zivkovic