South Carolina’s Near Fall Issues Exciting Debut Single ‘When the Truth Comes Out’

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By “Tampa” Earl Burton 

Review: Near Fall’s single “When the Truth Comes Out” – Release date February 3, 2023

It isn’t often that something can sneak up on me, especially in the world of music. I do not catch it all, but I do catch a tremendous amount of new rock from around the world. Thus, it is always exciting to hear something that you find outstanding, in this case a band called Near Fall. 

Calling Greenville, South Carolina, home (the stomping grounds of blues wizard Marcus King and his band), there isn’t a great deal that can be said as to the personnel behind this four-piece act. Near Fall take no prisoners when they come to the studio, however, as demonstrated by their debut single release “When the Truth Comes Out.” The band does mention that they are influenced by Killswitch Engage and Stryper, but their sound is more along the lines of a Godsmack or Shinedown from my listening.  

“When the Truth Comes Out” tells the story of a person who has been left on the front lines by themselves after telling an inconvenient truth. The person takes comfort in the fact that, in the end, they will be proven correct. Throughout the entirety of the song, Near Fall utilizes some outstanding vocal work (the song was written by Greg Marnik, so we will go with the assumption that Near Fall is his creation, and the recording was done at Loungefly Sound) emphasized by searing lead guitar work. It comes as a breath of fresh air with a rock sound that simultaneously feels familiar yet original. 

The tune is currently on Spotify, but there’s little to no information on Near Fall or if they are going to continue to be a recording entity. We’ll have to keep our ears to the ground to see if there are any more offerings from this band – or was it just a mirage?  



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