Rock At Night Premiere: UK band WEIMAR’s video ‘Nights in Spanish Harlem’


Weimar - Photo by Zac Gale

ROCK AT NIGHT PREMIERE – WEIMAR’S “Nights in Spanish Harlem” – Worldwide release on March 3, 2023

Rock At Night has been following Manchester-based cabaret post-punk band WEIMAR for a couple of years–and an interview with lead singer Aidan Cross is featured in our current Winter 2023 print issue.  We are proud to present the new video for “Nights in Spanish Harlem.”

Rock At Night Says: The video, including the song, begins with fast-paced, jazzy guitars and a funky bass line as images of city life flash on the screen. In the vein of the 60s, stylistic film noir, visions of steamy manhole covers, skyscrapers, alleyways, and city lights, paint images of an urban landscape. A woman wearing a dress sits on a doorstep with her legs spread, puffing on a cigarette and creating an air of seediness. The infectious horn riff evokes images of cars honking in traffic, which provides a clever touch to the song (like the Smith’s “How Soon Is Now”). The video captures the mental picture of the underworld and decadence of New York City–yet the music is upbeat and, dare I say, “danceable.”  Give it a whirl and see for yourself!


“Nights in Spanish Harlem”

Video footage courtesy of Model in still images: Ashley Marsh (…)

From the album ‘Dancing On A Volcano’

Music: John Armstrong – Bass, Aidan Cross – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Anthony ‘Eddy’ Edwards – Drums, Johann Kloos – Lead Guitar

Produced by Adam Crossley and Chris Guest Recorded at Vibratone Sound Studio, Manchester (c) Weimar 2022

Released digitally by German Shepherd Records 2022

Released on CD by Marlene’s Hat Records 2022


Dancing On A Volcano’ LP  is available everywhere, including Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. It can also be ordered on CD directly from the band.







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