Review: World Gone Cold’s self-titled EP

EP Review

World Gone Cold

By Gabrielle Sanchez, Rock At Night Nashville

Review: World Gone Cold’s self-titled EP – Release date March 17, 2023 via Rockfest Records

World Gone Cold is back, welcoming fans to hard-hitting music that kicks you in the gut and is sure to make waves. The supergroup band, which consists of Mark “Traa” Daniels (P.O.D.), Tim “Yogi” Watts (Demon Hunter), Andrew Stanton (Disciple), Mark Anthony (The Letter Black), and Ryland Raus (Attack! Attack!) is revolutionizing a new wave of organic hard rock with a dynamic nu-metal groove.  They are releasing their self-titled EP on March 17th via Rockfest Records, and will be available on all streaming platforms.

Beginning with the opening track, “Left to Save,” the band pulls listeners into a soundscape with hard-hitting drums, ripping guitar riffs, and powerful vocals. The dynamics between this record are memorable and cohesive—everything blends and makes perfect sense. 

You can feel the band members’ chemistry, heart, and soul as they perform on every track. The music is more than a message; it is a story, as each song focuses on day-to-day issues that people experience. In song tracks like “Apology” or “Attention,” the band is not shy about exposing personal battles showing fans “they are not alone.” We all suffer through problems in our lives, and listening to World Gone Cold’s music, reassures us that our feelings are normal. 

The music production highlights what the band does best—the vocals. The raw, powerful vocals draw listeners in, taking us on a melodic metal journey before melding into both clean and crunchy guitar breakdowns that make you utter “oh my” to yourself. 

The band writes catchy yet hard-hitting songs,  which will satisfy both hard rock and metal fans—yet the lyrics have substance. The music guides the listener into reflecting on one’s pain by exploring real-world issues and themes relative to today’s world. World Gone Cold outdoes themselves, and this EP will certainly become a fan favorite.



World Gone Cold – Tracklist
1. Left to Save
2. Opposites Attract
3. Burn
4. Attention
5. Again
6. Apology
7. Reality


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