Review: The Band of Heathens’ album ‘Simple Things’ 

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Band of Heathens

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

 Review: The Band of Heathens’ album Simple Things-Release date: March 17, 2023 

You simply just can’t have over 400 million streams if you are not doing your music right. It makes no difference what genre or style your music belongs to, if it strikes a chord with the audience that artist or the band are doing something right. 

This is exactly the case with Austin, Texas’ the Band Of Heathens, lead by dual lead vocalists and songwriters Ed Jurdi and Gordy Quist 

One of the reasons why the Band of Heathens are doing so well is that they want to stay as independent as they can, refusing offers from big record labels so that they can have complete control of their music. 

The other reason lies most probably with their mix of all things roots, and southern rock seems not have missed a beat (or any other musical element, for that matter) so far, and that seems to be the case with their latest album, ‘Simple Things.’ 

Well, there might be that word simple in the title of this album, but there’s nothing simple in the manner in which TBOH construct and perform their music. Actually, in their songwriting Jurdi and Quist take seemingly simple elements and turn them into a layered, ear-pleasing music that just expose all its layers as you take more and more listens.  

This is particularly evident practically through every of the 10 songs here, probably some of the best The Band Of Heathens have come up so far. 



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