Review: Red Bird Rising’s single ‘My Revolution’

Single Review

Diedrich Donald Weiss AKA Red Bird Rising

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Red Bird Rising’s single “My Revolution” – Released January 28, 2023

Very often, when used to express urgent needs, political and social views, music is one of the best conductors to reach as wide audience as possible. 

One such urgent situation is the war in Ukraine, which unfortunately keeps going on, and musicians all over the world are expressing their outrage through what they know best, music. 

One such artist is songwriter and producer Diedrich Donald Weiss, known by his musical alias Red Bird Rising, who wrote the song ‘My Revolution,’ which itself serves a dual purpose as a love song and an anti-war statement.

Weiss, not only uses a wide set of instrumentation here, but includes in its performance Ukranian husband and wife Taras Kuznetsov on lead vocals and Ana Pshokina on bass. At the same time, an official music video was filmed in Odessa under threat of bombing by Russian missiles.

As Wieiss explains: I have a world worn faith in the power of music to effect people’s lives positively. It’s from this place that inspired me to write “My Revolution” in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It may be naive to think a song could in any way substantially effect something as dominating as this horror, yet it was my answer to the inner question, “what can I do?”. 

Hopefully, no matter how small a contribution it can make, this song could at least be a step in rising the consciousness that this war, as any war for that matter should end as soon as possible. 




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