Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band’s New Album is Roots Music At Its Finest

Kristian Montgomery

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Album: “Lower County Outlaw

This long awaited album by one of our favorite songwriters here at Rock at Night, Kristian Montgomery is being released through singles and quite a few have dropped already. Rock at Night has already reviewed the first single “Gypsy Girl” that was released last October and you can check that out HERE. This week I had an opportunity to listen to the rest of the tracks and I have to say that each album this band puts out is richer and more multi-layered making the adept songwriting continue to shine on through.

This album was engineered by Andrew Koss (Alicia Keys and John Legend) at The Studio at Strawberry Fields Lane nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont. The band is Kristian on guitar and vocals, John Clarke on guitar, Dave Leitch on bass and Andrew Koss on drums. A few of my favorite standouts on this album were: “Girl With the Gauges In Her Ears,” “Gypsy Girl,” “Annie Pay Your Band” and the rocking “Lost in Memphis.”

About the album, Kristian says, “This album is without genre. It’s just me..a singer songwriter going where he wants to when wants to. It will be difficult for critics to place it anywhere in the Americana, alternative or country genres. And when you hear it, just know that you’ll hear me.

About the album, Rock at Night says:

The listener will hear rock, pop, blues, roots, country, Americana and roots, blended into each song with super, sing-along hooks played by master musicians. Each album by Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band gets better and better. The songs are written from an emotional well so deep that few would dare to reveal it. Kristian Montgomery bares his soul with his songs.”





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