Chatting with Larry Sager of the rock band ESQ

Podcast Interview

Larry Sager of ESQ

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa, FL

Interview: Larry Sager of ESQ – Recorded March 1, 2023

Rock At Night has been following ESQ since the release of their singles “Off My Rocker,” “At Night,” and most recently “Everybody Got Something.” The music is good solid rock ‘n’ roll–the way it should be!

In our interview Larry Sager of ESQ discusses leaving Detroit at age 18 for San Francisco; writing songs and performing in his teens; working with Donald Baldwin, a songwriter for the Temptations; recording songs today that he wrote as a teen; his experience with “cooking” old tapes to recover old sessions; the difference between a successful recording session today versus in the “old days”; working with world renowned producer Sylvia Massey; and how the band acquired the name “ESQ”.

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Be sure to check out ESQ’s EP At Night. Here’s a video of the song “Off My Rocker.”








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