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The Fades

UK band THE FADES came on Rock At Night’s radar in October 2022, with the release of their album Night Terrors. We reviewed the album and it was featured in our Winter 2023 PSYCH print issue. The band’s sound is a mix of punk–but not your two chord repetitive kind.  The punk is musically complex, featuring a smidgen of the Police, the Clash, and perhaps 60s garage rock. A couple of the songs even have hints of Zappa.

Rock At Night wanted to learn more about the band, which actually was formed almost 20 years ago. We spoke with David Lightfoot, who resides in London, about the band’s history and the current album.  In this interview, Lightfoot discusses various songs from the current Night Terrors album as well as the previous one Ragnorak; inheriting his punk and ska influences from his dad; keeping the same lineup since the band’s inception; touring in the early years to Ireland and the east coast of America (yes, it was wild); performing at a rock festival in Tbilisi, Georgia (even more wild–think The Hangover); and their punk cover of the New Seekers’ “I Like to Teach the World to Sing.”

The Fades consist of The Fades are London based brothers Dave (vox, guitar) and James Lightfoot (bass), lifetime school friend Jonny Barnard (guitar) and Alastair “Flash” Thorpe (drums).

Check out their latest single “Drive Me On.”

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