Review: World Gone Cold’s single ‘Apology’

Single Review

World Gone Cold

By Gabrielle Sanchez, Rock At Night Nashville

Review: World Gone Cold’s single “Apology” – Release date February 17, 2023

World Gone Cold welcomes fans into a soundscape of a high-intensity track. World Gone Cold, composed of members: Traa Daniels, Tim “Yogi” Watts, Andrew Stanton , Mark Anthony, and Ryland Raus composed a high-octane, adrenaline-fueled track that adds to the discussion of loneliness and depression.From the opening riff, the guitar work was blisteringly fast and precise, creating a wall of sound that was impossible to ignore. The drums were thunderous and perfectly complemented the guitar, driving the song forward with an unrelenting intensity. The vocals were powerful and added to this emotional track. The lyrics themselves were a powerful statement, which opened up discussion on societal norms. The bridge exposed an emotional story of the writers. Everyone fights battles on a date to basis. We give and face apologies, but when we are refused an apology, can we still grow? Do we need closure to move on with our life even though we have been fighting regardless?

Every instrument was given its own space to grow. The sound, itself, was clean and motivating. Each element of the song had its own opportunity to shine. The guitar solo was captivating and added to that vintage guitar sound. The track was a perfect blend of raw power and emotion.

World Gone Cold transforms a new element of postmodern energy. Check out their new music coming soon!

World Gone Cold” EP Tracklist:
1. Left to Save
2. Opposites Attract
3. Burn
4. Attention
5. Again
6. Apology
7. Reality


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