Chatting with Hans Eguinoa of the garage rock band the Podencos

Podcast Interview

The Podencos (Formerly the Royal Podencos)

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Interview: Hans Eguinoa of the garage rock band the Podencos (formerly the Royal Podencos)


Rock At Night has been obsessed with Spanish garage rock band the Podencos every since we reviewed their last EP Serotonin (release date April 2022). The band was featured in our GARAGE ROCK Summer 2022 print issue.

So, we interviewed lead singer/songwriter Hans Eguinoa via a Zoom call to Santander, Spain. In the interview Eguinoa talks about his life in Sweden and subsequent move to Spain; the formation of the band (whose members do not speak English); and the rock scene in the EU.

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Podencos are Jota (former member and founder of the Tupperguarros) on guitar, Toni Arenal on bass, Jonathan Santamaría on drums and Hans Eguinoa, voice and guitar (ex the Gain, Madrid).





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