“Secret Rhythm”, HAYLEN first clip from her new album BLUE WINE

Haylen - Photo José Oliveira

By José Oliveira and Rosine Alleva- Rock At Night Eu Editors

Of Franco-Iranian origin, HAYLEN NAMVARAZAD has just released her first single “SECRET RHYTHM”, taken from her first album “BLUE WINE” which will be released on February 17. The superb clip that accompanies this first title was made in the middle of the Spanish desert by filmmaker Kevyn DIANA.  It immerses us in a setting that WIM WENDERS loves. We lose ourselves there with pleasure as we would be carried away in the languid daydreams of a Paris Texas.

HAYLEN has always been rooted on the fertile lands of Soul and Pop Rock.  We are immediately carried away by this torrent of guitars which opens hostilities. His attachment to the cause against the Iranian regime is very explicit in the lyrics of this first opus. From Jamaica to Iran, the cry included in “STAND FOR YOUR RIGHTS” presents itself as the eternal message of freedom. Still relevant.

Haylen’s lyrics speak of love, her life experiences, her thirst for freedom. Her voice is as sensual as her look, powerful and enchanting. 

BLUE WINE Album cover

This first album with thirteen songs has been produced by Félix Bourgeois at the Studio de la Gallandière in Tours. Influenced by a Sixties/Seventies sound, vintage microphones have been used to enhance this style, which fits her so well, like a second skin.

This penchant for the Sixties was present already when José met “the green eyed Persian Princess” the first time in the Parisian Metro. ED COBB “TAINTED LOVE” already confirmed her independence”. That day, José dared to tell her “You will go far”!! 

HAYLEN has just been assigned a double page in ROLLING STONE France!!!!  

Her first studio album “BLUE WINE” finds HAYLEN consolidating her distinctive position within Soul and Pop’s Rock pantheon.

A release concert will be held on the 17 of March at the Café de la Danse in Paris.


Jose Oliveira

Forest Live Festival – UK

Forest Live Festival – UK