Review: Psych band Black Market Karma’s EP ‘Friends in Noise’

EP Review

Black Market Karma-Friends in Noise

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Black Market Karma – Friends In Noise EP Review -Release date January 13, 2023 via Flower Power Records

Yes, in pop and rock music there are always bands and artists who take cues from other bands or artists. No, there is nothing wrong in that, particularly if those bands and artists that find inspiration in others do it right and at the same time add their own personal stamp to the proceedings. 

Black Market Karma

Yes, songwriter Stanley Belton and his London, England crew Black Market Karma have obviously taken inspiration from bands and artists such as Jesus & Mary Chan, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Spacemen 3, but on their latest EP ‘Friends in Noise’ they take exactly the right cues from their inspirations and definitely add their own personal stamp along the way. 

Photo Credit: BMK with Ruari Meehan – photo by Louisa Pili

Actually, the EP features recordings captured over nine years, and is a series of collaborations between Black Market Karma and friends. Apart from Tess Parks, this album also involves The Underground Youth, Les Big Byrd /  Joakim Ahlund, The Confederate Dead and Ruari Meehan.

As Belton notes, he really didn’t get the idea of an album in his head too much.It’s something that gradually came together over the years through playing and becoming friends with so many good musicians. Collaborations naturally occur when you’re spending time with people who are musically minded, especially when we would hang at my studio. The songs started to build up over time and I thought man, these should all be gathered together on one release so here we are. 

And it turns out that Black Market Karma have gathered some excellent pieces here, inspired by others, or not, makes no difference. 



1. Black Market Karma & Ruari Meehan – Aping Flair (with Ruari Meehan)
2. Wonky (with The Underground Youth)
3. The Sky Was All Diseased (with Tess Parks)
4. Heady Ideas – Joakim Åhlund Remix
5. War In The Streets – Stan Belton Remix
6. Ageing Boy (with The Confederate Dead)


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