Review: Jake Huffman’s single ‘Martyr’

Single Review

Jake Huffman

By Gabrielle Sanchez , Rock At Night Nashville

Review: Jake Huffman Single ‘Martyr’ – Release date January 6,  2023

A Connecticut-born artist, Jake Huffman, transcends listeners into the world of indie pop rock. He once was a part of a viral alt-rock band, McLovins. Huffman took time to rediscover who he is as a solo artist and within time, his solo career was born. He, now, returns with new music, like his EP Adderal & Whisky. 

To ring in the new year, Jake Huffman released his anthemic single ‘Martyr’ on January 6th. Putting this song on will cause an immediate reaction of tapping your foot and inserting yourself into the music. This is much more than a song; this is an anthem. The track explores the depths of society through commentary on what we are perceiving. The lyrics, “you asked about my day / I feel like an open cassette tape / drowning in the endlessness”. An open cassette has no protection from external forces. The commentary adds to the discourse of human beings existing through the world with ideas and morals being thrown all around us. These ideas do not have to be right or wrong; there is just a time, one needs to step back and “know what is good for you”.  

Jake Huffman does a brilliant job of creating a free-spirited song through his lyrics. The drum line alone can create a feeling of adventure. Jake Huffman will have an exciting 2023 ahead for him and his fans.