Dust Bowl Faeries Release the eerie gospel ‘The Changeling’

New Single

Dust Bowl Faeries. Photo by Stephen Spera.

Carnival Dust EP Out January 24th

Carnival Dust is a sonic re-creation of an empty cabaret covered in dust, closed and forgotten but still alive in people’s memories,” says Ryder Cooley, the singer, songwriter, accordion player, and bandleader for New York-based, cabaret-inspired indie band DUST BOWL FAERIES about their new album which comes out independently on January 24, 2023. A fascinating and scintillating fusion of Goth, Rock, Cabaret, Vaudeville, and Folk, the music of Dust Bowl Faeries transcends time and space, whispering ancient secrets through contemporary forms of communication.  It’s a concoction that feels rooted in the mystic and the modern at the same time. Their new single “The Changeling” is a perfect example of this transmutation. Fluidly switching between gospel, Motown-styled R&B and accordion-led propulsive pop, it’s music to be played in midnight forests.  As she explains, “You can sneak in at night and still hear the music playing from a player piano or an old crank organ; the accordion, the singing saw… characters come to life one by one, the tattooed man, the bearded lady, some burlesque performers and aerialists, a carousel starts spinning, wooden horses begin to bob up and down on their poles, is it a dream, or is it real?”


Carnival Dust is a collaborative project,” Ryder offers, explaining the synergistic nature of the record. “My friend Dennis Herbert wrote ‘Lost in Time.’ Joe Ford at South Brooklyn Sound recorded the song at Dennis’s enchanted house. Film Faerie Lisa M Thomas of Thin Edge Films produced and directed the ‘Lost in Time’ video, which was also partly shot at Dennis’s house. Mike Schoonmaker (former sound engineer at Helsinki Hudson) recorded, mixed and mastered all the other songs on the album. Jon B. Woodin wrote ‘Clockwork Romance’ and performed lead vocals and guitar on the song. Jon and I wrote ‘Medicine Show’ together during the pandemic. Stephen Spera shot the band photos and designed the album artwork. The whole thing was a wonderful team effort, and we enjoyed every minute of creating this album!” The Dust Bowl Faeries is Ryder Cooley (Faerie Queen; accordion, singing saw, lead vocals), Jon B. Woodin (Rocket Faerie; guitar, vocals), Rubi LaRue (Feisty Faerie; lapsteel, vocals), Liz LoGiudice (River Faerie; bass, vocals) and Andrew Stein (Time Faerie; percussion).