Review: The Yet’s self-titled debut EP

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The Yets

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: The Yets – The Yets EP -Release date December 13, 2022

Image previewThe British alternative sound of the eighties seems to have had a much greater impact in the U.S. than it was previously thought. It is that sound that has been given quite a few names – dream pop, shoegaze, and quite a few others. It covered a wide ground set by pioneers like David Bowie, Cocteau Twins, Echo & The Bunnymen and a few others.

That influence is still there today, and many US artists pursue it, with those a bit more original adding to that sound something that was more home brewed.

The Yets, a duo from Myrtle Beach South Carolina is one such band, they add to that brew a touch of staple American pop sound pioneered by Fleetwood Mac.  The duo is a creative union of Robin Wilson on vocals and guitarist-producer Craig Anderson Snook, who met when Robin returned to her home state after some years in Georgia.

Their self-titled six-song EP sounds like an almost perfect union between prime Cocteau Twins and, again, prime mid-seventies (or any period) L.A. version of Fleetwood Mac, with Wilson’s vocals and Snook’s guitars at the forefront. Of course, that combination wouldn’t work if the duo were not so adept at crafting a good melody to be able to carry those vocals and guitars, with the duo actually performing and recording the music just the two of them. And a promise of better things to come is there.





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Ljubinko Zivkovic