Review: Patrick Wolf’s single ‘Enter the Day’

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Patrick Wolf-Photo by Kim Jacobsen-To

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Patrick Wolf – “Enter the Day” Single/video review – November 30, 2022

Patrick Wolf became quite a known singer-songwriter (and composer and producer) name a while back, but seems to have turned into a shadow, as he hasn’t come up with new music in the last ten years.

Wolf’s previous releases, from his starting album Lycanthropy (2003) to Lupercalia (2010) were both critically acclaimed and well-received within a wider audience, making Wolf a sought collaborator with the likes of Marianne Faithfull, Tilda Swinton, Angelo Badalamenti, and Patti Smith, among others.

Fortunately for his fans, the waiting is over, as he is coming with a new EP (The Night Safari) which will release early in 2023. To announce the EP, Wolf created a self-recorded video/single “Enter the Day.”
As Wolf explains: A video made of footage taken in a summer spent cycling from my house along the Kent coast with an unfinished lyric book in my backpack, then over a week of storms in November in the hours before dawn and the first hour of the winter sun rising, footage of the places that helped me finish writing The Night Safari EP, shot with a camera I found in a storage box from a journey I took to the Oracle of Dodona in Greece at the beginning of my break from music. When I got to the editing of this video I realised I had subconsciously filmed a little epilogue of my song “Theseus” from The Bachelor, where the Minotaur returns, but this time from within.

Great to have him back..










Ljubinko Zivkovic

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